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Will Boston And San Francisco Continue To Dominate Biotech Innovation?

When you look at the investment capital deployed toward Biotech start-ups in Boston and San Francisco, you might wonder what these two cities are doing to capture nearly half the invested venture capital available in 2013, while other cities lag …


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Game-Changing Startups Meet Broadcasters At NAB And Forge Industry Future

Challenges to the broadcast industry abound. New players on the block, ranging from You Tube to Hulu to Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo and AOL are stretching their wings in the television area. Netflix has made the biggest splash so far with …


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Fashion Tech Lab Launches In New York City To Power New Technology For Retail And Fashion Companies

It is an exciting time for technology companies in New York. Now, under the auspices of Springboard Enterprises and Partnership Fund for New York City (PFNYC), technology innovators will have a direct pipeline to leading fashion companies to develop products …


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We Need More Women in STEM: The Competition for Solutions Takes Flight

On June 12th, 100 people from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) along with leaders in academics, entrepreneurs and investors will board BA Flight named “Ungrounded” in San Francisco bound for London. Our task: to work during the 10-hour flight …


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Kay Koplovitz Founder of USA Network, and Chairman and CEO of Koplovitz & Co. LLC. Kay Koplovitz is the Founder of USA Network, a company launched in 1977, and later expanded to introduce the Sci-Fi Channel and USA Networks International.