Returning to Kairos Society,  I decided  to contact a Kairos Society mentor. I spoke with Diane Brady, an award winning writer, interviewer, senior editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, and Kairos Society mentor. Diane’s perspective added yet another facet to this dynamic community.

When I asked Nanxi about Diane’s role as a mentor, she said: “It was fantastic meeting Diane Brady through Kairos because you can tell that she’s extraordinarily supportive of young entrepreneurs. She’s included Kairos entrepreneurs in panels with established entrepreneurs and giving us that kind of exposure is invaluable.”

Diane describes that the role of mentors is to help young entrepreneurs extract their ideas, leverage what they are doing, and connect the dots regarding how they fit within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her intense curiosity cultivates a participatory environment for the young entrepreneurs  to share ideas, challenges, and to think bigger. Diane appreciates that Kairos entrepreneurs are working to solve big problems. As Diane continues to mentor Kairos 50, she is eager to see how Kairos Society itself will grow and engage on a global scale.

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