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Kay Koplovitz Interviewed by Peter Switzer

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Kay Koplovitz Interviewed by Newswire FM, Matthew Bishop

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Three Minutes with Kay Koplovitz

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The American Entrepreneur Ron Morris with Kay Koplovitz (USA Network)

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Interview with Loyal3 CEO Barry Schneider

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CA Technologies Makes Agility Possible

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Creating Jobs, Venture Capital Funding Bloomberg News

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Where to Find the Biggest Ideas In Media

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Kay on Diversifying Boards

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Building a Network of Human Capital

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TK Kersetter : Diversifying Corporate Boards

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Kay at SouthbySouthwest

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SXSW – Human Capital Interview

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Womens Bond Club Closing of the bell NYSE

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When Board Leadership Makes a Difference

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Koplovitz Discusses Venture Capital for Women-Led Firms: Bloomberg

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Digital Networks 2 New Strategies

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Start up & Marketing

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Freeing the Human Mind

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Creativity and Reinventing

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What is Freemium?

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Women and Access to Captial

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People Want Free

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Failure is not Terminal

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What do you look for?

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Angel Investor in Google

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Opportunities in Science and Biology

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Start up, Cash, Milestones

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Finding a solution

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Venture Capital Requires Exit

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Flexibility, Creativity, Thinking on your Feet

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Selling USA Network

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Changing MSG to USA

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Vision of MSG and USA Network

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Live 1000% every day

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Born in Beer Country

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Born and raised

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Life Is Precious

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College of Communciations, Arts & Sciences

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SD Forum

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Heres Where To Find The Big Ideas In Media (part 2)

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Heres Where To Find The Big Ideas In Media (part 1)
Kay Koplovitz Story (TV Legends), Part 4 of 4

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Kay Koplovitz Story (TV Legends), Part 3 of 4

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Kay Koplovitz (TV Legends) Story, Part 1 of 4
Kay Koplovitz Story (TV Legends), Part 2 of 4

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Life Is Precious