The Power of the Springboard Platform

Kay is co-founder and Chairman of Venture-catalyst Springboard Enterprises. It is the premier platform where entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts meet to build great women-led businesses. Springboard educates, sources, coaches, showcases and supports high growth companies seeking equity capital for expansion. Since January 2000 Springboard has been leading women’s fundraising and business growth Springboard’s record is unmatched.

We are dedicated to:

  • Accelerating women entrepreneurs’ participation in the private equity capital markets
  • Educating women entrepreneurs on the sources and uses of capital available for growing companies
  • Increasing the involvement of women in the private equity markets
  • Promoting the success and impact of the members of the Springboard Trust

Through a series of programs and initiatives, Springboard provides access to emerging-growth businesses led by women seeking financial and corporate partners, trusted advisors and business development opportunities. Springboard also provides a platform for media visibility as well as access to active investors and sector experts. 

Springboard Caucus

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Kay Koplovitz

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Summer Knight

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Laura McCann Ramsey

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Joanne Rohde

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Joan Fallon

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Barbara Handelin

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We are Springboard