Kay speaking at Forbes Fast 50 conference in Los Angeles

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The Insider’s Perspective

Kay Koplovitz’s experiences have provided her with an invaluable mix of wisdom, insight and insider’s perspective. Well armed with industry statistics, case histories, personal anecdotes and practical advice, Kay, as a speaker, eloquently shares her experience in the worlds of Media, Finance and the Boardroom to Inspire, inform, educate and entertain. Her own pursuits provide a wealth of experience and knowledge for others to draw upon.

From the high-tension boardrooms of Hollywood to the high testosterone deal-making sessions of the sports arena, from the high powered corridors of the Clinton White House to the high stakes maze of the venture capital world and Fortune 500 boardrooms — Kay Koplovitz’s adventurous spirit has led her on a wild journey through the minefields of entrepreneurship.

Through her role as a top executive and spokesperson for the television industry, a leader in the venture capital community, and an author and mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs, Kay Koplovitz is a motivational speaker on a number of key topics.

Topics Kay Speaks On

  • Women’s Leadership
  • Leadership
  • The Art of Corporate Board Governance
  • Constructing an Effective Corporate Board
  • The Changing Media Landscape
  • The Power of Ideas
  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • The Power of Human Capital/Creating a Human Capital ecosystem
  • Deconstructing the Process of Raising Capital

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Kay talks about the Television Industry